2nd-degree burns healed in 12 days, no scar left 二度烧伤12天治愈不留疤痕

A second-degree, or partial-thickness, burn penetrates into but not through the dermis. Because the epidermal barrier is lost, the wound forms a blister. A second-degree burn heals through reepithelialization. At the wound edge, the basal cells start migrating across the viable wound bed. Any wound that requires more than 2 to 3 weeks to reepithelialize has a high chance of becoming a hypertrophic scar. The goal of treating 2nd-degree burns is to encourage reepithelialization with topical Tangs Herbal ointment which heals the burn lesion with 2 weeks.

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2020 burn 4

二度烧伤渗入但不穿透真皮。由于表皮屏障丢失,伤口形成水疱,间质液流出。由于血管和神经的真皮丛是完整的,伤口会因压力而变白,疼痛会很严重。二度烧伤通过上皮细胞再生治愈。 在伤口边缘,基底细胞开始在活的伤口床上迁移。 任何需要超过2至3周才能使上皮再生,那么伤口很有可能成为增生性瘢痕。 外用唐氏中药软膏治疗二度烧伤的目的是鼓励上皮细胞再生,在两周的窗口期治疗烧伤不留疤痕。