40-year-old with 5-year-Psoriasis Plaque 40岁罹患牛皮癣5年

Much to his dismay, a 40-year-old man had been struggling with psoriasis for the past five years. There was no family history of this condition and he had never experienced any other medical issues before.

The journey with psoriasis began when he noticed plaques on his scalp, mistaking them for dandruff. He tried various anti-dandruff shampoos, even using anti-fungal ones, but nothing seemed to alleviate his symptoms. Two years later, the plaques spread to his back, prompting him to seek help from a local dermatological clinic.

At the clinic, he received a diagnosis of psoriasis. The dermatologist prescribed a topical steroid and a desonide shampoo, which provided some relief and improved his condition. However, as soon as he discontinued the topical treatment, the psoriasis flared up again, leaving him frustrated.

He sought opinions from several doctors who prescribed different brands of steroid creams. In addition, he was given a one-month course of unknown oral medication, which miraculously made the psoriasis disappear. Unfortunately, it returned after three months. The local dermatologist advised him to undergo a blood test before starting the oral medicine, which made him uncomfortable.

Driven by curiosity, he turned to the internet investigate more about his symptoms and treatments. He diligently followed advice on maintaining a specific diet, taking baths with dead sea salt, consuming cod liver fish oil and multivitamins, and practiced meditation. While these measures stabilized the psoriasis plaques on his back, they remained stagnant.


Frustrated but determined, he decided to visit a TCM clinic in Singapore, hoping for a new approach. At the clinic, he was advised to abstain from using steroids and certain health supplements, which initially caused his skin to worsen due to withdrawal effects. However, with time, his condition subsided.

He maintained communication with the TCM clinic via WhatsApp from his hometown, updating them on his progress. Intermittently, his psoriasis would worsen and then improve, but each flare was less severe than the previous one. Finally, after four years of TCM medical treatments, he achieved full remission, and no side effects were reported.

His relentless pursuit of a solution and his willingness to explore alternative treatments led him to find relief from psoriasis. His journey is marked by ups and downs, but ultimately, the traditioanl Chinese medicine TCM herbal approach provided by our TCM pysician brought him the long-awaited respite from his persistent condition.


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