6 years old girl with 3 years of eczema 六岁女孩罹患三年湿疹

A six-year-old girl had been battling eczema for the past three years. Surprisingly, there was neither any family history on this condition, nor was there any history of asthma or allergic rhinitis. The rash initially started from a mere mosquito bite on her leg, causing her skin to become itchy and inflamed.

Concerned for their daughter’s well-being, her parents took her to see the family doctor. Hydrocortisone cream was prescribed, which provided temporary relief and improved her condition. However, when the cream was discontinued, her eczema relapsed, leaving her parents worried.

Determined to find a solution, her parents consulted several doctors who prescribed different brands of steroid creams. Unfortunately, the rashes and blisters continued to spread, appearing on her fingers, back, thighs, and legs over the next two years.

Feeling desperate, her parents decided to seek help at our clinic that offered traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatments for skin disease. The physican administered herbal TCM medicine and advised them to discontinue the use of steroids.

At first, her skin reacted negatively to the withdrawal of steroids, and her condition worsened. However, with time, her symptoms subsided, and her skin began to improve. After 10 months, even 16 months, though, her eczema flared up again, but the intensity was lesser than before.

finger eczema 3

With each passing month, the flares became milder and less severe. She received continuous TCM medication and followed the prescribed herbal remedies diligently. After three years, she experienced full remission, with no side effects reported from the TCM treatment.

The little girl’s jurney was not an easy one, but her perseverance, along with the help of TCM, had brought her relief from the persistence of eczema that had troubled her for so long. Her parents were grateful for the holistic approach that had ultimately led to her recovery, and she could finally enjoy life without the burden of eczema holding her back.

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