1. What type of skin diseases does TANGS CLINICAL TCM treat?

TANGS medication works for autoimmune skin diseases. Autoimmune diseases can affect many parts of the human body, immune system was mistakenly attacking the body’s healthy cells, this cause the degeneration of organs and an inability to fight infection. Autoimmune skin disorders are related primarily to the skin, e.g., psoriasis, eczema (atopic dermatitis), contact dermatitis, hypersensitive/allergic skin disease, chronic urticaria, vitiligo, scleroderma, lichen planus, dermatomyositis, palmoplantar pustulosis, etc. Full list of conditions we treat is here.

2. How do we treat skin diseases?

After many years of intense research and clinical trials and studies (conducted by qualified medical doctors and TCM physicians, and together with overseas herbal specialists) we have identified some very useful active plant compounds, and formulated them into unique herbal products under the “TANGS” brand. Our exclusive range of herbal medicine will help the body to achieve homeostasis, leveraging on a revitalised immune system to treat autoimmune skin disorders in a natural and safe way.

3. Tangs Herbal Treatment vs. Conventional Immunosuppressants Drug: What is the difference?

With an autoimmune disease, the immune system attacks the body’s own tissue. Immunosuppressant drugs are a class of drugs that suppress or weaken the body’s immune system. This helps reduce the impact of the autoimmune disease on the body.

We take the initiative NOT using conventional or herbal steroids or immunosuppressants to treat non-life-threatening skin diseases! Tangs herbal medication helps the body to balance and revitalize immune system to treat skin disorders in a natural and safe way.

We have been continually presented with a series of cases reporting of disconfirming evidence for the conventional immunosuppressant treatment theories of autoimmune skin diseases, that our treatment results are in direct opposition to the guidelines of the conventional skin disease treatments.

How certain treatment beliefs about conventional treatment we hold – beliefs that seem to us to be obvious, empirical facts – have turned out, in light of numerous disconfirming evidence, to be mistaken philosophical “beliefs”. In a sense, then, we are in a similar situation to that of our predecessors, Aristotle, Newton and Einstein on the 2000, 400 and 100 years ago respectively. Whether our entire way of looking at the world might turn out to be the wrong way of looking at the world? Just as new discoveries forced them to rethink core beliefs they had long taken as obvious facts, so too recent discoveries force us to rethink some of our fundamental beliefs about the sort of medical treatment we inhabit.

4. Does TANGS medication contain any steroids?

TANGS Medicine contains absolutely NO conventional and NO herbal immunosuppressants including steroids (corticosteroids, glucocorticoids, anabolic steroids). Tangs medication concept is diametrically opposed to conventional therapies that employ drugs to suppress the immune system, eg. steroids.

5. Any Side Effects?

TANGS medicine are exclusive compounds of 100% natural herbal ingredients which have no known toxicity and adverse effects, NO chemicals, NO poisonous plants, NO animal products, NO corticosteroids, NO immunosuppressants, NO additives, NO preservatives to ensure the safety of long term oral administration.

6. How do I Know if I am suitable for TANGS treatment?

Please bring your previous/current medicines (topical cream, systemic drugs, health supplements) and medical records (e.g., blood test) if available to make an appointment for consultation.

7. Is it suitable for diabetic patients, high blood pressure sufferers?

Diabetic and/or hypertension patients can take Tangs medicine together with their anti-diabetic and/or anti-hypertension drugs.

During treatment with Tangs, hypertensive patients and/or diabetic patients must check their blood pressure and/or blood glucose level. If the blood pressure and/or blood glucose level become low, please seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care provider that if the dosage of anti-hypertension and/or anti-diabetic drugs must be reduced accordingly, because Tangs medication may synergize certain anti-diabetic and/or anti-hypertension drugs.

8. Is it safe for children?

The treatment is suitable for children (above 1 year old).

9. Is it suitable for pregnant women?

NOT suitable for pregnant women.

10. Any medicines / health supplements / food avoidance during the treatement and after the treatment?

During the course of Tangs therapy, do NOT use  Corticosteroids or immunosuppressive drugs (both Herbal and Conventional) and oral contraceptive pills.

11. What is the average treatment duration?

The time to recovery is much longer and more unpredictable for patients with a history of immunosuppressant use. This is because the results are greatly influenced by the dosage and strength of the that immunosuppressant was prescribed previously. A retrospective observational study shown that the effectiveness of Tangs was inversely associated to prior immunosuppressants exposure (r = 0.9154): the complete clearance was achieved in 8 months (87.5%, 14 of 16) in non-immunosuppressants subjects; the wavelike evolution of psoriatic lesion appeared in prior immunosuppressants subjects, time required to recover is proportionate to the time immunosuppressants were used. Individual response to our herbal treatment may differ, please call and book an appointment for consultation.

12. what is the treatment process and prognosis?

Please download and read Tangs Reference Information & Treatment Prognosis Chart. Individual response to our herbal treatment may differ, please browse Skin Image Collection.

13. What is the Steroids Withdrawal Syndrome (steroids addiction)? How long does steroid withdrawal last?

Topical steroids mask some diseases, make some disease worse, and create other diseases. Steroid Withdrawal Syndrome include skin diseases rebound, Red Skin Syndrome (RSS), Elephant Wrinkles, Red Sleeve, Headlight Sign, fever, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, lethargy, fatigue, weakness, malaise, emotional lability, depression, myalgia, arthralgia, headache, abdominal pain, skin peeling, swollen, influenza‐like symptoms and weight loss. Watch Sterodis Withdrawal Syndrome (steroids addiction) for details.

76.7% of patients with steroid withdrawal syndrome received complete or partial clearance in 3 months, 12.5% in 6 months, 5.5% in 12 months and 5.1% over 12 months respectively after discontinuation use of steroid (A systematic review of corticosteroid withdrawal syndrome).

14. Is it certified by any authority?

Tangs medicine are registered and approved as Chinese Proprietary Medicine CPM by the Health Sciences Authority Singapore and manufactured by GMP factories in Singapore. Tangs medicine has passed the Acute Oral Toxicity Test administrated by the Department of Pharmacology, National University of Singapore under the OECD Test Guideline 420. Tangs medicine is duly in compliance with strigent Screening Test for Heavy Metals and Common Posions which contains no western drug and toxic substances.

15. Why does Tangs herbal powder and capsules turn black when exposed to open air? Why is the color and taste disquieting unevenness to different batch?

TANGS products are 100% pure herbal extraction, NO additives and NO preservatives added during the production and encapsulation, hence the products may be sticky melt and the color may turn black when exposed to open air, especially in hot and humid Singapore. It is safe to consume even the color turns black. Tangs products will be not sticky and turn black when it keep in a cool and dry place.

Herbs vary in acidity, sweetness, bitterness, ratio of active ingredients, the seed variety used, the time of year they are harvested, the soil in which they are grown, and the weather during the growing season. Even though all those variables are tightly controlled, one batch of production can end up slightly different than the other batch.