A Case of Recalcitrant Acute Eczematous Dermatitis Resolving with Customized Herbal Medicinal Formula 对抗生素和激素治疗无效的急性湿疹一例

Clinical Presentation

The patient presented with a five-month history of blistering lesions on her arms and lower legs, accompanied by mild pruritus. Initial treatment at a family clinic with oral antibiotics yielded no improvement. Subsequent consultation with a dermatologist led to a diagnosis of eczema, and the patient was prescribed a topical steroid cream. However, the dermatitis remained unresponsive to this treatment approach. The patient also experimented with health supplements, including turmeric extract tablets and multivitamin pills, without observing any resolution of her skin condition. Seeking a third opinion and alternative treatment, she presented at our clinic.

eczema legs ng A3

Medical History and Comorbidities

The patient’s medical history revealed a complex profile of comorbidities, including hyperglycemia, arthritis, and thalassemia. Notably, these conditions were not deemed causative factors for her dermatological symptoms. The patient also recalled a childhood diagnosis of erythromelalgia, a condition characterized by redness and burning pain in extremities, which had spontaneously resolved without intervention.

Laboratory tests conducted upon the patient’s visit to our clinic revealed a positive Hepatitis A infection. Furthermore, the patient exhibited elevated levels of Rheumatoid Factor (40 IU/mL, with a normal range <30 IU/mL) and LDL Cholesterol (168 mg/dL, with a normal range <100 mg/dL).

Treatment and Clinical Course

The patient was prescribed a customized herbal medicinal formula tailored to her unique clinical presentation. Concurrently, the use of topical steroids was discontinued. Within the first three months of treatment, the patient experienced a flare-up of eczematous lesions, which was attributed to a rebound effect following steroid withdrawal. However, over time, the lesions gradually subsided, ultimately achieving full clearance at the thirteen-month mark. The full reovery image can be obtained from our video channel.

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This case report highlights the successful management of a recalcitrant eczematous dermatitis in a patient with a complex medical history. The utilization of a customized herbal medicinal formula, coupled with the cessation of topical steroids, resulted in a prolonged but ultimately favorable outcome. The case underscores the importance of a thorough evaluation of comorbidities and individualized treatment strategies in addressing challenging dermatological conditions. Further exploration of the relationship between Hepatitis A infection, elevated Rheumatoid Factor, childhood erythromelalgia, and dermatological manifestations may provide valuable insights into the pathophysiology of similar cases.


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