Acute Eczematous Reactions 急性湿疹样反应

We present a patient who developed acute eczematous eruptions with an unknown trigger. This patient was a 13-year-old male with a history of seasonal allergies. He developed pruritic eruptions on his lower limbs since the last 5 days. He has a family history of atopic dermatitis but he has no personal history of atopic dermatitis or any other medical issues. His mother had a history of eczema and was successfully treated by our clinic before.

eczema leg 3

Patient’s mother reports that the patient received his 2nd dose of the COVID-19 vaccine one month ago. We are unable to establish that if his eczematous flare-up reaction was ascribable to the COVID-19 vaccines. On examination, confluent erythema and papules are present bilaterally on his lower extremities with the formation of crusts and exudate, particularly severe on the right side. He was treated with an oral herbal medicine and topical herbal cream, resolving his symptoms just 5 months. We are grateful towards this patient’s parents for sending us the photos via WeChat and giving us consent for these photos to be used as a testimonial.





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