Diabetic Proteinuria Testimony from Mr Tan, Singapore 糖尿病肾病微量蛋白尿

I am 38 years old, and I started health screen annually since 4 years ago, keeping my blood test and urine test reports for my own reference. In February 2009, I went to my family doctor to collect the blood test report, and happened to a few items in the Quest report marked with star and highlighted in bold: Glucose 131 mg/dL (Normal Range:70-108), Urine Alb/Cre Ratio 12.9 mg/mmol (Normal Range <3.50), urine chemistry protein Trace (Normal Range: Negative).

At that moment I knew something wrong with me. Later on the doctor told me that I was in a prediabetic stage, with micro-protein in my urine. I was advised to take brown rice rather than white rice; more vegetables; less flour products (bread, cake, etc.) to control blood sugar. My wife was very worried about my condition, and she cooked brown rice for every dinner, and kept me away from seafood and meat. But this kind of diet is really terrible as I like to eat seafood and meat. I did a web search for information and treatment on the diabetes and protein in the urine, and found that what my family doctor said was correct; there is no treatment for prediabetic protein in urine.

I am not obese, I don’t like sweet foods, my parent don’t have diabetes, my blood pressure is normal. So I was very curious as to why I was prediabetic. I read lots of books about diabetes and protein in urine but could not find a solution. Then at the recommendation of one of my friends, at end of February 2009, I contacted Tangs Clinical Centre saw Dr. Tony and decided to try his clinic’s s medicine. After 2 months of treatment, my urine protein and blood sugar tests came back normal, and even my family doctor was surprised with my blood test results. Dr. Tony also advised me to buy a Blood Glucose Monitor Kit to do self blood sugar test. Until now, my blood sugar and urine microprotein levels are all in the normal range.

I wish to thank Tangs Clinical Centre for the treatment provided: I am very happy that I do not need eat brown rice now! The following is extracted from my blood test reports, and I really hope my testimony will help any pre-diabetic sufferers seeking a solution.

Mr. Tan
October 10, 2009