Eczema Testimony from Ms Lum, Singapore

My daughter Mun had had eczema since she was an infant. Until the age of 12, her condition could be controlled quite easily with creams and antihistamines.

When she joined secondary school, her eczema became more disturbing, and it started to spread beyond the folds of her arms and legs. At its peak, her eczema affected areas on the surface area of her lower legs, from the joints of elbows to her upper arms, and to a minor extent, on the face. Because of the itch, Mun sometimes scratched herself until her skin bled. She was emotionally upset. During those years, we consulted general practitioners, skin specialists and TCM physicians. Nobody could offer a sure cure for her eczema. The medicines given by skin specialists offered temporary solutions. We were very disappointed and frustrated as we did not know what to expect next.

In February 2004, I saw a newspaper advertisement on psoriasis and eczema by Tangs Clinical Centre, and I attended the public talk held at Toa Payoh HDB Auditorium. After the seminar, I did not recommend the product to my daughter right away: I visited the Tangs Clinical website and gathered information which was very detailed about its treatment strategies. I discussed with Mun and she agreed that we should give it a try. We further consulted Dr Tang, the visiting consultant of the company, at the clinic in the Paragon Medical Centre about their treatment. Through his professional consultation and advice, my daughter started with the TANGS treatment sometime in February 2004. During her initial treatment she had more flare-ups, and her skin condition seemed to get worse; that was exactly what she was told to expect by Dr. Tang during consultation. As treatment progressed, the patchy lesions on her body began to fade away, the rough skin condition and uncontrollable itch also went away after the third month of the treatment (end April 2004). Mun’s eczema now seems to be fully in remission, and she has not had any relapses. She has since then discontinued the treatment.

Mrs Lum