Fordyce Granules 福代斯颗粒

Fordyce Granules are sebaceous glands that are located in the vermilion zone of the lips and the oral mucosa. These “Free” sebaceous glands can also be found on the eyelids (meibomian glands), areolae (Montgomery tubercles), labia minora, and prepuce (Tyson glands). Fordyce granules characteristically present as asymptomatic, usually multiple, yellow to yellow–white papules. Fordyce granules are found in both sexes and are less common in children. The prevalence is 70–85% in the adult population. Since Fordyce granules are considered a normal variation of anatomy, no treatment is required.


福代斯颗粒是指位于嘴唇的朱红色区域和口腔粘膜中的皮脂腺。这些“游离”皮脂腺也可以在眼睑(睑板腺),乳晕(蒙哥马利结节),小阴唇和包皮(泰森腺)上找到。 福代斯颗粒特征性地表现为无症状,通常是多个黄色至黄白色丘疹。 成人多见,儿童较少见。成人人群的患病率为70-85%。由于福代斯颗粒被认为是解剖学的正常变异,因此不需要治疗。


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