Genital Leukoplakia 外阴粘膜白斑病

Leukoplakia is a condition in which thickened, white patches form on the tongue, gums, inside of the cheek, or sometimes on the outer female genitals. Although the sores can vary in appearance, they are usually white or gray; thick; and slightly raised with a hard surface. Most patches are benign, but a small percentage show early signs of cancer. Attached is the early stage of leukoplakia on the vulva which is treated with Herbal Medicine.


粘膜白斑病是一种在舌头,牙龈,面颊内部或有时在白斑是一种在舌头,牙龈,面颊内部或有时在女性外部生殖器上形成增厚的白色斑块的病症。 虽然白斑的外观可能不同,但它们通常是白色或灰色,并略微凸起,表面坚硬。 大多数斑块是良性的,但很小一部分显示出癌症的早期迹象。 附图是外阴白斑的发病早期阶段用草药治疗过程。


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