Geographic Tongue 地图舌

Geographic tongue affects approximately 2% of the general population, it is a benign condition associated with local inflammation and the absence of differentiation of the filiform papillae. In a study of patients with psoriasis, geographic tongue occurred in 10% of the patients, in contrast to only 2.5% of age- and sex-matched controls.

In our psoriasis patient, the white rim and angular cheilitis was more clearly visible at follow-up visits at 1 month (Panel A, arrow) and 12 months (Panel B, arrow). Geographic tongue is usually asymptomatic, as it was in this case with angular cheilitis, but symptoms include pain or a burning sensation that is triggered by eating spicy or acidic foods. In our patient, geographic tongue and angular cheilitis were resolved at a 24-month follow-up visit (Panel C) during our herbal therapy for the psoriasis, patient reached full clearance in psoriatic plaques at a 28-month follow-up visit.

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