Nail Signs Yellow Nail Syndrome

Yellow Nail Syndrome
The yellow nail syndrome is uncommon and its pathogenesis is still unknown. Linear nail growth is arrested or greatly reduced. The nails are thickened and transversely and longitudinally overcurved with disappearance of the cuticle. The nail color varies from pale yellow to dark yellow–green. Onycholysis is frequently seen, as is nail plate shedding. In most patients, all 20 nails are involved. Characteristically, the nail abnormalities are associated with lymphedema and respiratory tract involvement, including chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, sinusitis, and pleural effusions.

Yellow nail syndrome is a clinical diagnosis. There is no confirmatory diagnostic test. There are some suggestions that life expectancy is reduced (Maldonado F. 2008). 


1964年,Samman和White首次描述了黄色指甲综合症。这种情况并不常见,其发病机制尚不清楚。线性指甲生长被阻止或大大减少。指甲变厚,横向和纵向过度弯曲,角质层消失。指甲颜色从浅黄色到深黄绿色不等。经常看到甲剥离,甲板脱落也是如此。在大多数患者中,涉及所有20个指甲。黄色指甲综合症与淋巴水肿和呼吸道受累有关,包括慢性支气管炎,支气管扩张,鼻窦炎和胸腔积液。黄指甲综合征是临床诊断,没有确切诊断测试。Maldonado F. 2008年的研究显示黄甲综合征可能与减少预期寿命相关。



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