Severe Eczema in a 20-month-old Child 严重幼儿湿疹

The majority of patients with eczema will present with symptoms in childhood, it may starts at any age, even 2 months old. The itch comes with a chronic fluctuating rash with a range of features, eg., erythema, papulovsicles, excoriation and secondary infection. Itch may cause sleep disturbances, irritability and distress. The itch can be aggravated by warmth, sweating, bathing, excercise, emotional upset and woollen clothes worn against the skin, The skin is inflamed and painful.

A 20-month-old baby with a 10 months history of atopic eczema treated with topical steroids and tacrolimus (protopic) presented with confluent reddish rashes, microvesiculation, scaling and crusting on the face, with similar involvement of the trunk and arms. The hand, feet and facial area are more severe due to easier access to scratching. Blood investigation revealed mildly elevated IgE level.

63 Severe child A2

Parents are frustrated with conventional immunosuppressant treatment and desire to try more natural treatment. 14 months after the completion of herbal TCM therapy, the face eczema had healed with healthy skin tone, and the eczematous lesions on the arms and hands were healed completely.

63 Severe child B3