Testimony from Clarence, Singapore, psoriasis 银屑病

My name is Clarence and I had been suffering from guttate psoriasis since 2001 after bad bouts of sore throat and asthma.
When I had my first lesion, which appeared on my leg, I did not know what it was. My subsequent visits to a skin specialist finally provided a diagnosis and I was put on steroid creams. Steroids only helped to control the lesion, they did not provide a cure, and this frustrated me a lot. The lesion would disappear after application of the steroid cream, and re-appear again in a week’s time.

What was worse was the way it spread. One lesion multiplied to four lesions over time, and within a span of 3 years, I had developed lesions on my back, legs and arms. Although my condition was mild, it nevertheless bothered me and also caused me to worry and wonder how much further it would spread, and if my face would be affected as well.

I sought further medical advice from another dermatologist about my psoriasis, and during my consultation with him, he gave me several options for treatment, but none of his recommended treatments was very promising. Worst of all was his attitude towards me: he told me that even if I took a very expensive medicine he had, there wouldn’t be a cure for my disease.

In Feb 2004, I was alerted by my close friend to a TANGS talk by Dr. Tang at HDB Hub. As I was not able to attend the talk, I made a separate appointment to see Dr Tang at a clinic. After examining me, he said that I can be cured with Tangs Psoria capsules. His conviction astounded me, and I bought the product. I stopped steroid applications and started taking TANGS starting from 14.02.2004.

In a span of 5 months, my lesions had become thinner, and the color has turned from a bright red to a light pink. At least three lesions have completely healed, and normal skin has replaced it. This has been a great relief to me and I will continue taking TANGS until all the lesions have disappeared. I was surprised and unaware that my asthma which I was suffering before I contracted psoriasis, was also totally in remission, and part of the greyish hair which grows throughout my head is beginning to take on a normal healthy dark color.

I wish to thank Tangs Clinical Centre and Dr Tang personally for their services rendered during my treatment. Their breakthrough product will bring a real hope of the recovery to all psoriasis sufferers like myself, and prove that, contrary to what western doctors have said, there is a cure for psoriasis.