Testimony from Nicholas, Singapore, 20 July 2004

This is my personal testimony.

I am 42-year-old Indian, was a victim of psoriasis and had suffered from the chronic disease since 1994. When I first discovered on my palms some patchy rough growth that were beginning to itch, my condition continued to persist and became unbearable. So I decided to visit my family doctor, and I was diagnosed with psoriasis. He prescribed some steroid cream to me, and I used the cream according to his instructions. It seemed to work quite well—the lesions began to thin down, but after a while the condition relapsed, and new lesions started to appear.

My family doctor referred me to a skin specialist, and he prescribed a stronger steroid cream and calcipotriene ointment. This did give me temporally relief on the affected lesions… but after a while, my condition become uncontrollable. I visited my specialist again, and this time he prescribed an oral medication, Tigason. My reaction at taking oral medicine is that I felt tightness of the skin on my face as if a plastic bag has been pulled tightly over my face; and I began to gain weight. I was very disappointed and frustrated at the treatment given by the specialists. I had actually given up all hope of finding a current western medication to treat my psoriasis.

Apart from seeking help from western medicine for my illness, I also looked out for alternative medicine. On one occasion, while looking through the internet, I discovered the TANGS treatment for psoriasis, and after thorough reading, I contacted the company and decided to be treated by them. After 4 months of continuous treatment, the ugly and dry psoriasis patches and itching on both my palms had almost disappeared.

Being a businessman, a role in which meeting people is a daily necessity, I will not be handicapped when shaking hands with people, because I now have a healthy pair of hands!

I hope my testimony will help those psoriasis sufferers earnestly seeking good medicine.