Nail Signs due to abnormal nail matrix function – Beau’s Line 博氏线

Nail Signs due to abnormal nail matrix function – Beau’s Line

Most commonly, Beau’s lines are caused by mechanical trauma (e.g. manicures, onychotillomania) or dermatologic disease of the proximal nail fold (e.g. eczema, chronic paronychia). The presence of Beau’s lines at the same level in all nails suggests a systemic cause (e.g. severe or febrile illness, cytotoxic drugs, erythroderma, myocardial infarction, measles, mumps or pneumonia). The depth and width of the groove may be related to the severity and duration of proximal nail matrix, respectively.

Beau's Line

博氏线Beau’s Line代表近端指甲基质受损程度,以物理损伤为常见,如修甲美甲、剔甲癖好;湿疹或慢性甲沟炎损伤近端指甲褶皱也可造成。高热、服用细胞毒素药物(抗癌药物)、红皮病、心肌梗塞、麻疹、腮腺炎或肺炎也可造成此线。


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