2021 February

  • The medical paper entitled “Second Degree Burn Healed in 10 Days with Herbal Formulated HLQ Ointment” was published in Dermatology Research Vol. 3, Issue 1, 2021 (Dermatol Res. 2021; 3(1); 1-3.)

2020 December

  • The medical paper entitled “How does feces become a good medicine?” was published in Singapore Chinese Medical Bulletin Vol.106, No.481, October Issue 2020, (Singapre Chin Med Bull. 2020 Oct;106(481):19-20)

2020 Octorber

  • The 10 Finest TCM Clinics in Singapore

2020 March

  • The Best Skin Specialists in Singapore

2019 July

  • Manage symptoms of eczema with tradional Chinese medicine (TCM)The New PaperFriday, July 26, 2019, Page 11

2019 June

  • Managing your skin conditions with TCMThe New PaperThursday, June 27, 2019, Page 27

2019 April

  • Herbal treatment for itchy skinThe New PaperThursday, April 25, 2019, Page 37

2019 March

  • Save your skinThe New PaperThursday, March 28, 2019, Page 29

2019 February

  • Say goodbye to itchThe New PaperThursday, February 28, 2019, Page 31

2018 October 29

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2017 October

2017 September

2017 August

  • Happy Feet 《The New Paper》Thursday, August 31, 2017, Page 17

2017 July

2017 June 28

2017 June 20

  • 真正解决患者病痛才是好医生《联合早报》言论版22页,星期二,2017620P22

2017 May

2017 April

  • Quell the itch 《The New Paper》Thursday, April 27, 2017, Page 17

2017 March

  • Stop the itch 《The New Paper》Thursday, March 30, 2017, Page 11

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2015 November

2015 October

  • Congratulations on being awarded the SINGAPORE’S OUTSTANDING ENTERPRISE SME150/2015.
  • 摆脱湿疹困扰《我报》 特辑第9页,星期三,2015年10月21日 B9

2015 September

  • 告别湿疹, 还我清白肌肤 《我报》 特辑7页,星期三,2015年9月23日

2015 July

  • 告别湿疹, 还我清白肌肤 《我报》 特辑11页,星期三,2015年7月22日

2015 May

  • The medical research paper entitled “Current evidence on the effectiveness of systemic herbal medicine for psoriasis: A systematic review with meta-analysis” was published in Global Dermatology Journal. Tony Tang, Li Fangzhou, Affleck A, Donaldson J, Chouliara Z (2015) Glob Dermatol, 2015. 2(3):117-127 DOI: 10.15761/GOD.1000136

2014 August

  • LianHe ZaoBao 《联合早报》 特辑8页,星期三,2014年8 月27日

2014 July

  • 治疗湿疹 安全用药为首要 《我报》 特辑9页,星期四,2014年7月31日

2014 March

  • 中医辩证论证湿疹。《我报》 特辑26页,星期三,2014年3月26日

2013 November

  • 安全击退湿疹。《我报》 特辑16页,星期三,2013年11月13日

2012 January

  • The dermatological research paper entitled “A Nonimmunosuppressant Approach on Asia Psoriasis Subjects: 5-Year Followup and 11-Year Data Analysis” was published in Dermatology Research and Practice, vol. 2012, Article ID 304172, 11 pages, 2012. doi:10.1155/2012/304172. The medical Dermatology Research and Practice is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles, review articles, and clinical studies in all areas of dermatology.

2010 March

  • The medical paper entitled “A 14-year-old girl with multiple, firm, dome-shaped eroded nodules and itching on the limbs” was published in Dermatologic Therapy Vol.23, No.3, May/June Issue 2010. (Dermatol Ther. 2010;23(3):299-301) The medical Journal Dermatologic Therapy serves not only as a readily available resource for the day-to-day treatment of patients, but also as an evolving therapeutic textbook for the treatment of dermatologic diseases.

2009 September

  • Complementary Therapy. Atopic Dermatitis. 2009;2(5):58-62

2009 April

  • パルティ.vol.184, 2009 April;184(4):3

2008 May

  • The medical paper entitled “a herbal medicine for psoriasis” was published in The European Journal of Dermatology Vol.18, No.3, May-June Issue 2008, (Eur J Dermatol. 2008 May 13;18(3):352-353.) The European Journal of Dermatology is an internationally renowned journal for dermatologists and scientists involved in clinical dermatology and skin biology. It publishes original articles on clinical dermatology, skin biology, immunology and cell biology.

2007 June

  • Dr. Tangs’ formula for eczema Derma-zema Capsule were approved as Chinese Proprietary Medicines (CPM) by HSA Singapore and subsequently manufactured by GMP factory in Singapore.

2007 May

  • Agape. Relief for psoriasis, eczema. 2007;3(5):4

2005 December

  • The medical paper entitled “Review of Treatment for Psoriasis Using, a Botanical Formula” was published in The Journal of Dermatology Vol.32, No.12, December Issue 2005 (J Dermatol 32(12):940-945,2005). The Journal of Dermatology is published by and is the official organ of the Japanese Dermatological Association. It is also the official organ of the Asian Dermatological Association.

2005 January

  • Animal testing was conducted, and the Dr. Tang’s Psoria Capsules passed the Acute Oral Toxicity Test administrated by the Department of Pharmacology, National University of Singapore under the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD 420 Guideline.

2004 September

  • LianHe WanBao, Sunday Issue, 2004 September 19th.

2004 August

  • LianHe WanBao. Sunday Issue, 2004 August 8th, P16
  • LianHe WanBao, Monday Issue, 2004 August 9th, P36

2004 May

  • Health Times, Psoriasis, a troublesome skin condition. 2004 May/June Issue, P28-29

2004 March

  • Health Times. Chronic eczema. 2004 March/April Issue, P12

2003 June

  • Modern Journal of  Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. Vol.12, No.7, 2003

2003 January

  • The Straits Times. Monday Issue, 2003, January 20th

2002 September

  • Dr. Tangs’ herbal formulation for psoriasis treatment Psoria Capsule was approved as Chinese Proprietary Medicines CPM by the Health Science Authority of Singapore (HSA) and manufactured by GMP factory in Singapore.

2002 June

  • Inner Mongolia Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 2002;21(6):19

2001 November

  • North New Paper, Issue 217, 2001 November 27th, Tuesday

2000 June

  • Dr. Tang retired from the military medical services, and established the Tang JingHua Clinic in Inner Mongolia (China) to offer new hope to patients with autoimmune skin diseases, eg., psoriasis, eczema, urticaria, dermatomyositis, lichen planus, Behcet’s syndrome, erythema multiforme, palmoplantar pustulosis, acrodermatitis continua (Hallopeau disease).

1997 March

  • Dr. Tang’s herbal formulation for psoriasis and eczema treatment was submitted for product registration at Ministry of Health in Singapore.

1997 January

  • Key words searching conducted in three world largest medical database CBMdisc, CMCC and Medline from January 1983 to December 1996, Dr. Tang’s herbal formulation for psoriasis treatment was first proposed and published by Dr. Tang till date.

1995 August

  • The Practical Journal of Integrating Chinese with Western Medicine. 1995;8(20):1406

1994 October

  • Dr Tang had successfully treated 1792 of Thromboangiitis Obliterans (Buerger’s) patients with his herbal formulation, all the patients received the full recovery without surgical amputation procedure.

1991 October

  • Inner Mongolia Daily, Monday, 10 October 1994, Page 5

1991 June

  • People’s Armed Force Policy Paper, Thursday, 13 June 1991, Page 3

1991 April

  • Hohhot WanBao, Thursday, 25 April 1991, Page 2

1988 August

  • Dr. Tang was awarded The 3rd Army Medal for his contribution towards healing “Buerger’s Disease and War Wounds and Burns” by Peoples’ Liberation Army China.

1983 April

  • Medical paper “Two Cases Livedo Reticularis Report” was published in the Inner Mongolia Traditional Medical Journal Vol.2, No.3, 1983.

1980 October

  • People’s Military Surgeon Medical Journal Vol.10, No.252, 1980.

1978 October

  • Dr. Tang formulated a unique herbal formula to treat autoimmune skin disease psoriasis, and wrote to medical journal about his discovery, which was published in The Practical Journal of Integrating Chinese With Modern Medicine – Vol.8. No.20 1995. This is the year in which the first psoriasis patient was treated with Dr Tang’s herbal formulation, who subsequently achieved full recovery in 1981.

1970 August

  • A military surgeon in the Inner Mongolia Armed Forces Police Hospital, Dr. Tang JingHua, started conducting clinical research in herbal drugs combine with western medicine and successfully treated a patient of Thromboangiitis Obliterans (Buerger’s disease) who was recovered without surgical amputation procedure. The Buerger’s disease case reported and published in People’s Military Surgeon Medical Journal Vol.10, No.252, 1980.