Tangs Vitigo is a botanical compound formulated to assist the body expelling of feng, activating blood circulation and invigorating qi & meridians, it also helps to nourish the gan & shen to facilitate detoxification process, thus enhancing the immune system. Its ingredients contains of 100% natural botanicals.


Psoriasis (Plaque Psoriasis, Guttate Psoriasis, Inverse Psoriasis, Pustular Psoriasis), Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis), Vitiligo

  • Erythrodermic Psoriasis patients must consult doctor before starting treatment


Prognosis of the Immunosuppressants Withdraw Syndrome:

During Tangs Vitigo therapy, all immunosuppressants therapy is stopped. Patients with a history of immunosuppressant use will likely start to experience the so-called Wavelike Flare-up Cycle (Fig.1). This is known as the Immunosuppressant Withdrawal Syndrome. Symptoms of skin diseases which had previously been suppressed by immunotherapy will start to resurface with vigor after the immune system is no longer being curtailed. Over time, as Tangs Vitigo gradually takes effect in correcting the immune system’s function, the flare-ups will subside in frequency and intensity in a wavelike pattern (Fig 1). The time to reach the endpoint where the wave draws to a null, will depend on the dosage and potency of the immunosuppressants that the user had formerly consumed.


1440mg to be taken three times daily


  • During the course of Tangs Vitigo therapy, abstain from all immunosuppressants and oral contraceptive pills. Abstain from alcohol consumption and avoid late nights. Avoid hot baths, and do not aggravate the skin by scratching or peeling the psoriatic lesions. A more relaxed lifestyle is recommended.
  • 皮质类固醇等免疫抑制剂药物 (包括UVB和PUVA) 和植物类免疫抑制剂药物 (甘草,白鲜皮,蝉蜕,大黄,金银花,雷公藤等),口服避孕药,饮酒,熬夜,刺激癣疹(搔抓搓),精神情绪不稳定,热水洗浴.


Tangs Vitigo, each 360mg extract equivalent raw herbs:
Radix et rhizoma salviae miltiorrhizae  250mg
Lignum dalbergiae odoriferae  500mg
Flos carthami  625mg
Radix saposhnikoviae  333mg
Radix et rhizoma cynanchii atrati 125mg
Semen cuscutae  333mg
Radix astragali  255mg
Herba moslae  125mg
Radix achyranthis bidentatae  333mg
Ramulus cinnamomi  333mg