Nail Signs Onycholysis 甲松离

The distal nail plate is detached from the nail bed and usually appears white because of the presence of air in the subungual space. If an exogenous pigment is present, the nail may appear yellow (fungi and exudate) to green–black (pyocyanin). In addition to environmental trauma, the nail bed disorders that most commonly produce onycholysis are psoriasis and onychomycosis. In drug-induced photo-onycholysis, there is usually involvement of several nails and subungual hemorrhages may also be present.

Onycholysis is also associated with multifactorial causes: systemic conditions like Thyroid diseases (both hypo and hyperthyroidism), psoriasis, drugs-especially anticancer agents like paclitaxel, other chemical agents and in the case of PATEO syndrome. Infective causes have been associated or compounding factors in the progression of onychomycosis like fungal infections and bacterial infections.


甲松离是远端指甲板与甲床分离,并且由于在甲下腔室中存在空气,通常呈现白色。如果存在外源性色素,则指甲可能呈现黄色(真菌和渗出物)至绿黑色(绿脓菌素)。除物理创伤外,最常产生甲剥离的甲床疾病是牛皮癣和甲癣。在药物诱导下的光敏性 – 甲剥离中,通常涉及多个指甲,并且也可能存在甲下出血。

甲剥离也与多因素原因有关:全身性疾病如甲状腺疾病(甲状腺功能减退症和甲状腺功能亢进症),牛皮癣,药物 – 尤其是紫杉醇等抗癌药物,其他化学药物和PATEO综合征。感染原因与真菌感染和细菌感染等甲真菌病的进展有关联或复合因素。



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