Acute Severe Eczema 急性湿疹发作

A 60-year-old gentlemen experienced a sudden and severe outbreak of eczema on his face, forehead, scalp and ears. The affected areas appeared red, swollen, and itchy, with signs of skin damage. The skin was extremely dry, flaky, and oozing. The acute eczema flare caused the skin to become rough with increasing rough lines, accompanied by intense itching and a burning sensation. In this condition, the face, forehead, and ears exhibit redness and inflammation, associated with pain or a burning sensation. Since severe acute eczema can significantly have an impact on an individual’s appearance and quality of life, seeking prompt medical attention and appropriate treatment is crucial. He was treated with an oral herbal medicine and topical herbal cream at our clinic, resolving his symptoms in 12 months. We are very grateful towards this gentleman for sending us the photos via WeChat and giving us consent for these photos to be used as a testimonial.

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severe eczema F


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